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Winter Wonderland – Our Sensory Snow Dough Play Session

One of our favourite activity sessions so far this year would have to be playing with the winter themed playdough and ‘Snow Dough’. Earlier in July we had a busy group of children who were extremely engaged in the experience and spent the full time at the table, many of whom were toddlers – imagine that!!

Play Dough and Snow Dough are classic and easy experiences that are also fabulous ways to encourage a range of developmental skills in your child. Manipulating dough helps children to increase their fine motor skills and muscle strength in hands and fingers.
Exploring their sense of touch (and smell if you choose to add a scent to your dough) is important, especially for young children and again, feeling the dough between their fingers – squishing, patting, rolling, poking, sprinkling, and pulling apart are fun ways for kids to do this.

My favourite thing about Play Dough though would have to be the creative freedom children can enjoy.
The open nature of this experience means kids can express themselves without adult expectations or direction. Little imaginations come to life and exciting stories begin to emerge through play.
On the day we held this activity in the store a flattened piece of play dough became an icy island, jewels became buried treasure, and twigs were not twigs but pirates!!

In addition to traditional play dough (which we added white colouring and edible glitter to), we had a lot of fun experimenting with the ‘Snow Dough’ which had a very interesting consistency; changing from a powdery like texture to a solid ball when “crunched” together in the hand.

Accompanying the two different doughs there was also a range of open ended objects to extent play. We had twigs, seed pods, stones, ribbons and jewels but there are so many different objects adults can use to create extra interest (take a look around the house, there are a lot of things you can find around your home for free!).

To explore a winter wonderland with your kids at home, try these fantastic (and easy) recipes we used to create our dough:

For the textured Snow Dough we used this recipe we found over at The Imagination Tree
and for the snow themed traditional style Play Dough we used this one from The Chaos & Clutter
(if these blogs aren’t already in your favourites, add them pronto!).

Both posts include much more information than just the recipes and heaps of other activities so make sure you pop over and check them out yourself!

We’ve also created these printable PDF recipe cards for you to download and use – Enjoy!

Snow Dough Recipe Card (2)  Snow Themed Play Dough Recipe Card (1)


Author Alison Davis

Alison is an experienced Early Childhood Educator, an Awesome Aunty and co-owner of Two Grey Elephants.

Alison is passionate about providing ways for children to experiment and to learn through their own play and believes every child deserves to just be little.

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