Two Grey Elephants is about Family. Our Family and Your Family…

could there be anything more important?

The Story Behind Two Grey Elephants…

In 2013 Alison became very unwell with a chronic illness and had to leave her job as an early childhood teacher. At the same time, Mel also became ill due to a pregnancy condition. Faced with months of bed rest we turned to retail therapy to satisfy our mutual passion for gorgeous handcrafted toys and decor pieces.

We spent hours and hours chatting and searching online for beautiful things that didn’t cost the earth. And guess what? We couldn’t find anything!

Everything seemed to be plastic, mass produced and made in appalling conditions in places known for terrible treatment of workers and child labour. It broke our hearts to see toys and dresses bought for almost nothing and sold at a premium in large chains.

Where were all the beautiful handmade things that had the makings of family heirlooms?

We knew if we were struggling to find the things we were looking for, other mums must also be feeling the same, so we turned our dreams of handmade toys, children learning as they played and mums being as excited as we were when we found something beautiful for our baby into a reality and created Two Grey Elephants.

We searched the globe and finally found the items we had been searching for and we are so happy to share these beautiful treasures with you. From handmade pieces made here in Australia to beautiful items made by fair trade artisans in India, Bangladesh and a select number of manufacturers who share our values and commitment to human rights and sustainability.

We know how it feels to search high and low for something and not be able to find it. So if there is something you have to have, but can’t find it here, please contact us to let us know! We love a challenge and we would be more than happy to help you with your custom design or special request.

Okay, You’ve Heard Enough About Us